Trans-allyship – Today’s Quote

Trans-allyship – Today’s Quote

It is basically intended to sort of be a [transgender athlete class] 101…  We also talk about choice, privilege and agency in presentation of gender and pronouns and ends with trans-allyship dos and don’ts. It’s basically like, don’t question people about their transitioning processes, respect pronouns and names, don’t use ‘ladies’ or ‘gentlemen’ when addressing a group of people.

Oberlin College Junior, Emily Clarke discussing the College’s new Guidelines for Inclusion and Respectful Treatment of Intercollegiate Transgender Student Athletes via Ohio College Considering Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training For Athletics Department « CBS Cleveland

Andrew’s Note:  I’m not sure what language Clarke is speaking but it appears to be some sort of transgender Newspeak.  I have no problem with encouraging athletes and those that train them to be respectful of others (all others) but making a special requirement that folks embrace trans-allyship seems to be a bit of an experiment in creating an academic thought police state.  This quote generates three questions in my logical mind:

  1. Why do we give insist on giving groups and individuals special rights beyond the natural (God given) and human rights we all enjoy.
  2. How can we protect the integrity of competition within collegiate sports when we don’t require that people compete based on their gender at birth.  There are physical differences between men and women and allowing a man (or former man) to compete in a female only competition is just as unfair as it would be to let a woman (or former woman) who is taking male hormones continue to compete in that woman’s sport.
  3. If you aren’t supposed to address groups as ‘ladies & gentlemen’ what term do you use…humans, carbon based life forms, people or maybe we should just add to ‘ladies & gentlemen’ and say something like ‘ladies, gentlemen and other’ or ‘ladies, gentlemen and those of you who are in between.’
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