U.S. Government on Those Illegal Pilgrims – Today’s Quote

U.S. Government on Those Illegal Pilgrims – Today’s Quote

Pilgrims as Illegal AliensThe pilgrims were illegal aliens!

U.S. Government Employees Chanting During Cultural Sensitivity Training via JW Releases Confidential USDA Videos Revealing “Cultural Sensitivity Training” Program | Judicial Watch

Andrew’s Note:  A lot of folks walked across a land bridge, emigrated from Europe or were brought here through the barbarism of the slave trade before we were a Nation of laws with border controls… since when do we have to be ‘culturally sensitive to criminal activity!  Maybe we’re all just anchor babies…

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2 Responses to “U.S. Government on Those Illegal Pilgrims – Today’s Quote”

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    The Indians or native Americans are believed to have had three major immigration cycles centuries apart. Groups would immigrate (and the fabled land bridge may well be a myth) and create “tribes” in the new land. In those cases where previous immigrants already lived in the land the new “tribe” coveted they would “assimilate” (kill and enslave) the old tribe or vice versa. If there was some “original” immigrant group that could have claimed to be first the odds favor that they were assimilated and overpowered long before Columbus. The History in the America’s is not so different from the rest of the world. African tribes pushed out other tribal groups and enslaved their population. That is where the African slave trade began long before the new world was known. It happened in all of Europe and Asia as well. By the time the Pilgams came to the new land there were no “native Americans” with clean hands; they were all immigrants who had decimated previous immigrant groups. Canada (I love Canada so this is not intended as an insult) likes to call these native groups “first nations” but in all honesty they are really second and third natyions guilty of having killed those first nations. Human history is not pretty but it is not pretty everywhere not just in the New World.

    • …but do you think the early Americans had ICE agents that were allowed to do their jobs?

      Seriously, real history is so much messier, more complicated and interesting than most of our attempts to describe it can do justice. I’ve had the opportunity through the military to witness situations that are now treated as history only to have folks who only read about the situation or watched it on the TV news later tell me ‘what really happened’…or didn’t happen.

      It is scary to see the recharacterization of historical figures and events using anachronistic attitudes and mores in attempts to marginalize great men, women and events…but what’s even scarier is this concept of inherited guilt that tender hearted but irrational people bring up from time to time when they attempt to balance the scales.

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