Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament?

Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament?

Our nuclear deterrent and those of our closest allies appear to be under attack by our own Executive Branch of Government again…but this time we’re flirting with unilateral nuclear disarmament…

First it was accusations in 2011 that President Obama had sold out our British cousins’ nuclear secrets to the Russians…I’m not sure of the truth of these allegations but the British sure seem convinced.

Then in early 2012 the President was caught on camera and microphone privately promising Russian President Medvedev thathe would “…have more flexibility” after his “last election” to kill or curtail the planned ballistic missile defense shield over Europe…a defensive shield for the Europeans that Putin, Medvedev and the Russian government strongly oppose.

Who Needs Nuclear DeterrenceThen in February 2013 we appointed Chuck Hagel as our Secretary of Defense even though he had previously served as a director of Ploughshares Inc. whose mission included encouraging “concrete steps to limit and reduce current [nuclear] arsenals.”  The naiveté of former and future government officials expecting rogue states and non-state actors to buy into their dream of a nuclear weapon free war and their willingness to abandon our nuclear deterrent is simply stupefying.

A reader asked me recently about the number of U.S. flag (generals & admirals) that have been forced out of the service lately and I brushed off the insinuation that there was something unusual going on…but in retrospect, several of those flag officers coincidentally served at one level or another in our nuclear deterrent including Strategic Command’s Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and Major General Michael Carey who was in command of the 20th Air Force / Task Force 214 and it’s 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Now it appears that our Commander in Chief is considering unilaterally decreasing the number of weapons in our nuclear deterrent and going beyond the START obligations by destroying additional infrastructure.

It’s all well and good to wish for a nuclear free world but to unilaterally disarm or weaken our deterrent only emboldens our enemies and strategic competitors.  Earlier this month Saudi Arabia, the country that produced 15 of the 19 9/11 attackers announced that it’s becoming a nuclear power.

We can’t even keep our closest allies from going nuclear so what makes us think that we can do anything but deter those who covet or abhor our way of life?

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