Vote for Big Government, Not REALLY BIG GOVERNMENT

Vote ButtonPrepography is devoted to preparedness and self reliance.  You have the chance to encourage us to be more self reliance as a nation because today we exercise the franchise we’ve inherited through the blood of our forefathers (as well as the 15th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution).  As my regular readers know, I’m not a fan of either of our state-sanctioned political parties but I believe our choice this year is clear.

Our choices are between a vote for ‘big government’ or ‘really, really big government.’  When faced with these options I encourage you to vote for the lesser of two evils and cast your vote for those pesky big government Republicans.

Starting tomorrow, or whenever the Supreme Court has declared the winner…it’s time to begin lobbying our President-Elect or President-Reelect, Congressmen and women, State and Local officials to start the process of dismantling The State of Entitlement we’ve created and get the U.S. back to work!

Vote against Bread and Circuses…or at least as close as you can get…

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