Water Storage Infographic

Water Storage Infographic

Today we’re pleased to present an infographic from Food Insurance on water storage.  This water storage infographic will show you what types of containers are safe to store water in, where you can safely store those water containers and how to treat questionable water sources to improve its safety.

The Lowdown On Water Storage Infographic

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One Response to “Water Storage Infographic”

  1. Gray Fox 114 says:

    Great site and articles, but we digress on one point: Storing water in bleach bottles. I have been doing this for years, 25+. When my wife has an empty bottle, we fill it without rinsing, and store the water. Have drank water from containers 20+ years old, and while flat tasting till agitated, there was no discoloration, mold, or other signs of problems. The water was not checked by a lab, but for all intents and purposes, it was fine, and I suffered no ill effects. The containers are stored in dark, dry places, away from chemical contaminants.

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