Whole Foods on Fascism – Today’s Quote

Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism. Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it — and that’s what’s happening with our health care programs and these reforms.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey via CEO of Major Corportation Calls Obamacare ‘Fascism’ discussing the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare

Andrew’s Note:  Mackey is just describing Phase I of healthcare reform.  Phase I, the Affordable Care Act is designed to bankrupt the health insurance industry, Phase II is government takeover of the health insurance which will lead to Phase III, government control of health care…now that’s socialism.

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One Response to “Whole Foods on Fascism – Today’s Quote”

  1. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I wonder if he inadvertently stumbled onto the truth or intended to define Obamacare for what it is? Either way it is funny to watch the left recoil in horror as one of their own speaks the truth. Interesting too that it is obvious to even a lefty that Fascism is simply another form of socialism and therefore a left wing political ideology. Nazi-ism, communism, Fascism and socialism all the same thing with slightly different ways of implementing them. Isn’t the left wing ideology great???

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