The Quartermaster’s Report – X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter System

The Quartermaster’s Report – X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter System

Andrew’s Note:  Today we introduce The Quartermaster and The Quartermaster’s Report.  The Quartermaster brings us information on cool gear and equipment as well as the availability of cool gear and equipment.  Today’s report is on the X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter System.

Ever wished you could carry one gun and have it shoot multiple calibers and guages?  I’m not talking about .38 Special and .357 Magnum either…I’m talking about a tool that can hunt grouse as a 12 Gauge shotgun but quickly convert into to a 7.62×39 to drop a deer and even to .22 Long Rifle to bring down a squirrel…well now you can.

XCaliber AdapterIt’s called the X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter System and it converts your single shot 12 gauge into any number of other calibers/gauges using rifled sub-caliber adapters made of 4140 chromoly steel.

It’s sold as a set of eight drop-in sub-caliber devices that line up the appropriately with your shotgun’s firing pin.  The placement allows your shotgun’s mechanism to fire the sub-caliber ammunition through the adapter which functions as the barrel for that caliber or gauge.  Each adapter is seven inches long and stores with the other adapters in a heavy duty canvas, molle compatible case.

The adapter system allows you to shoot: .22LR, .38 special, .357 Magnum, 9mm, .45 ACP,  .45 Long Colt, .410 shotgun, .223, 7.62×39, .308 and of course your shotgun’s original 12 gauge.  There isn’t any information online about whether you can shoot 5.56mm (similar to .223) or 7.62×51 (similar to .308).

XCaliber AdaptersThe adapter system seems a bit heavy at four pounds but that’s much lighter than the weight of carrying a grouse gun, an extra squirrel gun, and extra deer rifle and whatever you’re supposed to be hunting with .357, 9mm, etc.  This product is particularly attractive in light of recent ammunition shortages…if you failed to stock up ahead of time it would be nice having an adapter that allowed you to use any of almost a dozen different calibers and gauges.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is that it doesn’t support firearms with 10 to 30 round magazines!

The X CALIBER Shotgun Gauge Adapter System sells for $450 from the Gear Up Center.

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  1. CoastieCWO4 says:

    I learned about this item several months ago. After watching the videos and reading the articles, my impression was that the inserts were critically too short in “barrel length” to allow for any appreciable accuracy. Thoughts: If each insert was more like 14″-18″ long, accuracy would better approach that of a rifle (or shotgun) of similar length. Also, as has been said elsewhere, having the option of selecting individual adaptors would be an attractive selling point.

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